Our clients,
Análoga's best ambassadors.

Our collaboration with Análoga for more than 12 years has become a key tool and resource for the NeoElectra Business Group due to their professionalism, efficiency and diligence in delivering the work agreed. To internationalise our company, the translation of commercial and legal texts must be of extreme excellence, which is what we have achieved with our relationship with Análoga.
relationship with Análoga.

Antonio JB Cortés-Ruiz (founder and CEO) Antonio JB Cortés-Ruiz
(founder and CEO)

Análoga provides very high quality translation work, tailored to the needs and nuances of the legal sector. In addition, it is easy to contact them, they issue budgets quickly, and deadlines are quickly agreed to meet the firm's needs.

Claudia Ambrós (lawyer)

We have worked with Análoga for over 10 years. They are meticulous professionals who respect the confidentiality obligations of a law firm.

Emilie Poignon (lawyer)

At Análoga, we have found reliable professionals but, most importantly, wonderful people. They are always available and willing to help.
It is a pleasure to work with them.

Mónica Martín (deputy manager)

During the years we have worked together, Análoga has become a reference for our sworn translations since they always meet deadlines and provide competitive prices.

Juan Núñez (partner/manager)

We have been working with Análoga Traducciones for years and they have always responded with professionalism and commitment to all our orders, with unparalleled quality and technical rigour.

Pablo Sáez (lawyer)

I have been working with Análoga Traducciones for all of our clients' translation needs for 6 years. I am very happy with the quality of their translations, the speed with which they work and the treatment we receive. They are always helpful with our needs at any time of the year. I recommend their services.

Adrián Foulon (lawyer)

As a lawyer, I have often dealt with international cases requiring translations and I have nothing but good things to say about Análoga's work. They have never let me down either with the agreed deadlines (which are normally short due to the tight deadlines in our sector) or with the translation quality. I definitely recommend them since they make it easy for lawyers.

Mireia Largo Codorniu (lawyer)

PRAXIS LEGAL Y FISCAL has been working with Análoga Traducciones since its foundation and always with excellent results both professionally and personally and at very competitive prices.

Gonzalo Parellada (lawyer)

Análoga Traducciones is our translation company of reference. Their widespread availability and high quality service give us peace of mind when we need to translate documents that are going to be used in the legal proceedings we handle at our firm. I recommend them 100%.

Clara Martínez Nogués (lawyer)

A reliable and competent translation company, and a reference for our firm. Professionalism and very reasonable prices.

Mauro Palmieri (lawyer)

Análoga's professionals are accurate and precise and they also deliver. Ordering a translation from them has always been a good experience.

Antxon Salvador (CEO)